About The Balancer

Hi, I’m Nic Cooper and I am The Balancer.

Who Is The Balancer?

Hello, I am Nic Cooper and I own The Balancer Ltd. I was brought up and went to school in Stafford, then going to college to spend 4 years gaining my Accountancy qualification, whilst working on a finance apprenticeship at Leyland Daf. I decided I didn’t want to go in to an accountancy practice but to work in a business as their accountant instead. I wanted to not just produce the numbers but to put them to practical use. Business owners don’t want to or need to know about which accounting principle should be applied; they just want to know it’s right and have some feedback on how the business is doing. Are we making enough margin on these products? Can we reduce our overhead costs? Do we have the right level of stock? These are some of the questions business owners and managers need to know.

I have worked in all sorts of businesses – Van manufacturer, chemical blender, meat company, outdoor events, warehouse and distribution, call centre, photocopier dealer, amongst others and ranging from small family businesses to large Worldwide plcs.

I have worked at all levels from Trainee to Finance Director over all these companies so rest assured, I have the experience but it’s also taught me to get on with anyone and everyone, whoever they are and whatever they do, which has been vital in setting up my own business. Working in many varied business has also taught me what to look out for, like a sixth sense when I see the numbers, so I can spot any issues.

In 2013 I decided I wanted to be my own boss, which, in 2015, led to the creation of my Limited Company, now The Balancer Ltd.

I still adopt the same approach as I always have, just on a smaller Limited Company and self -employed level. We are here to not just make sure all your deadlines are met but to advise you on what your numbers mean and how you can grow your business and are always available for you to talk to.

My Story

Work to live and not Live to work. When I am not working, I’m walking my springer spaniel, Randall, every day (energetic and bonkers – that’s Randall, not me!) or listening to music (James are my favourite band, whom I have now seen 26 times, closely followed by The Slow Readers Club and IST IST currently but I’ll listen to anything, even jazz!) or watching a film. When I’m not doing any of these, I’ll be reading or watching sport or spending time with my partner or having a coffee and a cake (chocolate, naturally).