What Is Xero?

Xero is at the centre of my company philosophy of making my clients’ numbers more visible to them and helping my clients to solve business problems; not just number crunching.

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Please let me know if you require further information, you can send me a direct message, call me on 07985 645087 or e-mail me at nic@thebalancer.co.uk

Why Xero?

The feedback I get from clients is that it doesn’t look too “techy”, like it’s not just for accountants and that I as a business owner can use it too. There are other cloud based accounting systems out there but Xero gives you more options, it’s easier to see your key financials and well set out. If your business means you are out and about a lot, use the Xero app to capture receipts and send to Xero. If you have stock, link your stock system to Xero to complete the accounting process. If you need more analysis, use Fluidly for cash flow analysis and forecasts or Fathom for KPIs and cash flow forecasts, which link in to your completed accounts.